Posted by: jasonandbrooke | February 3, 2011

slightly disturbing

this is kinda disturbing. last night , well more like this morning since its my day to “sleep in till 8”. Bryson got up at 7 ( like an hour earlier than normal) and I got up to bring him to Jason who was up from teaching bcc 5:30-6:30 am. then went right back up to bed. I fell back to sleep instantly. Then I had this crazy dream

it is in bits a peices

first “clip” is me and my dad and my brother and possibly my dads girlfriend Joyce were at the beach somewhere. Then it started to rain, and I left something important down by the water and was practically crying and begging my brother to go back and get it for me. I dont know why I couldnt, but in my dream i just couldnt.

He finally did.

The rest of us, continued to walk towards a house. once we got there I saw it was all of our stuff, 1/2 packed. I started to go through it, feeling sad. Then Alivia came into the picture, not sure where she was. and i saw all of her ballet stuff on the floor and told her it needed to come with us so she could go to ballet next week. I was picking it up, when i noticed a large room off to the side.

I went in this room alone, there were lots of my own things and lots of things i have never seen before, including some fabulous vintage blue funky chairs that i wanted to take with me. Then I noticed my dresser, like an old dresser from highschool time, an dit was filled with clothes…

here comes the disturbing part

I feel/see something move out of the corner of my eye. I look to my left and there was what appeared to be a person wearing a large tshirt sitting upright on the edge of a chair. except that there was no person, or they were invisible. so i could see the shirt and that there was a body under it, just could not see the body. get what i am trying to say????? Then this ” invisible body wearing a shirt” stood up and started to walk towards me.

I screamed. I yelled NO, and sit down sit down over and over again. It did. I ran out of the room.

Saw my dad and brother and Livi. Started to tell them we needed to leave, then the “invisible body wearing a shirt” was coming towards me again. i was screaming. the disturbing part, was that it looked just like my mom. The outline of the body under the shirt, the way it was walking, was my mother. but she was invisible.

i just kept screaming.

tell me what the HECK that means.



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