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slightly disturbing

this is kinda disturbing. last night , well more like this morning since its my day to “sleep in till 8”. Bryson got up at 7 ( like an hour earlier than normal) and I got up to bring him to Jason who was up from teaching bcc 5:30-6:30 am. then went right back up to bed. I fell back to sleep instantly. Then I had this crazy dream

it is in bits a peices

first “clip” is me and my dad and my brother and possibly my dads girlfriend Joyce were at the beach somewhere. Then it started to rain, and I left something important down by the water and was practically crying and begging my brother to go back and get it for me. I dont know why I couldnt, but in my dream i just couldnt.

He finally did.

The rest of us, continued to walk towards a house. once we got there I saw it was all of our stuff, 1/2 packed. I started to go through it, feeling sad. Then Alivia came into the picture, not sure where she was. and i saw all of her ballet stuff on the floor and told her it needed to come with us so she could go to ballet next week. I was picking it up, when i noticed a large room off to the side.

I went in this room alone, there were lots of my own things and lots of things i have never seen before, including some fabulous vintage blue funky chairs that i wanted to take with me. Then I noticed my dresser, like an old dresser from highschool time, an dit was filled with clothes…

here comes the disturbing part

I feel/see something move out of the corner of my eye. I look to my left and there was what appeared to be a person wearing a large tshirt sitting upright on the edge of a chair. except that there was no person, or they were invisible. so i could see the shirt and that there was a body under it, just could not see the body. get what i am trying to say????? Then this ” invisible body wearing a shirt” stood up and started to walk towards me.

I screamed. I yelled NO, and sit down sit down over and over again. It did. I ran out of the room.

Saw my dad and brother and Livi. Started to tell them we needed to leave, then the “invisible body wearing a shirt” was coming towards me again. i was screaming. the disturbing part, was that it looked just like my mom. The outline of the body under the shirt, the way it was walking, was my mother. but she was invisible.

i just kept screaming.

tell me what the HECK that means.


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Good morning everyone!

I am going to be making some changes over here and I dont even know where to begin. Actually, I think I am going to keep this blog a family blog , just like it is now.

But I am also going to create a new blog. one that is just for health and fitness and for marketing my beachbody business. All of the successful coaches have a blog and a website all about beachbody, so I will need to figure out a way to do the same.

A few months ago, I somehow managed to “meet” this guy Ken on facebook. I thought he owned a local bootcamp. Turns out he wasnt the Ken I thought he was. Since we became “friends” I started to see and comment on his posts and mostly, the pictures of the healthy food he was eating each day.

Then one day Jason, me , alivia and bryson were heading towards our car ina parking garage in Norfolk, when I noticed the car next to us had P90X license plates.  About a minute later, I see 2 guys walking toward the car, both wearing P90x gear. It took me about a second to say “are you Ken P?”  It was! We chatted a few minutes about how he was there to meet a gym owner about starting a fit club.

Small world! Fast forward a few weeks- Ken starts a fit club. Fast forward 2 months- Ken hosts a BeachBody Super Saturday Event that I attended. Two weeks later- I came to his fit club with about 6 bootcampers. This past Saturday was my 3rd Saturday in a row going, and this time 12 bootcampers, old bootcampers, and freinds of bootcampers came along. There were about 20-25 people there. It was fabulous!

I am working on starting a fit club for Tuesday nights now. Me and Ken have been chatting about a whole bunch of ideas, and I am really excited that God made our paths cross. We are both super excited about this business and what it can offer us. He is more successful at it than I am right now, so I love to watch what he does. We are planning to show the shakeology video to fitclub next week, and then give samples (prepared samples) after class. Then the following week, show the DECIDE dvd. We are also planning to have a big “home party” at an apartment buildings conference room.

Working to END THE TREND of OBESITY, and build our business at the same time.

Its so much easier to work with someone else, than it is to do it alone. So Ken, I am so glad we met!


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my video

Hey everyone- i know, i have not been the most loyal blogger lately. Opps. I have really been focusing on growing my beachbody business, and it has been working. yay.

yesterday I had Jason video me ( in clips) doing one of my favorite INSANITY workout dvs. and we make it into a 3 minute little video. i love it, whenever i watch it ( lets be honest, i watched it like 15 times last night when it was complete) i want to get up and workout again!

looks like i have to add it to youtube and then add it here. bummer.

we ordered 63 new items for our clients last night. tank tops, long sleeve thermals, and hoodies. the hoodies will now have bootcamp challenge also written down one arm. so excited about that.

and i got a hot pink one with  “Fitter or Fatter?” and my name on the back.

As some incentive for my 2 new coaches to hurry up and sign up, i told them i would put the same thing , and their name on the back of their hoodies.  So thats what we did. I am excited to see those as well.

I have lots to do on my to do list today and i have to leave for my stroller strides workout in just about 45 minutes and both kids are still sleeping. so i need to go!



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i love how itunes gives you the ” music you may like” section. Or the “listeners who bought this, also bought this”. I love those. I have found so much really great music.

Today I have been listening to songs by Adele, Haylee Jensen ( whom i had NO IDEA was on american idol bc i havent watched the last few seasons) James Reyne, Ashley Chambliss, Holly Conlan, Steve Reynolds, Brooke Fraser and Missy Higgins.

Until today, I had only heard of 2 of those people. I love them. There music is moody and meaningful. Its not about sex and drugs and money like most of what is played on the radio now. You should you tube a few of them.


James Reyne

I am not sure if that video uploaded correctly. hmmmmmm, how do i check?

On another note… of my lovely freinds met me at the Commisary yesterday so I could stock up on some cheap pantry and freezer items. I got a lot of stuff but the meat makes me excited….

2 whole chickens

10 pounds of chicken breast

1 london broil

2 other kinds of steak

3 pounds of frozen tilapia ( for $10 by the way)

plus lots of pantry items….

I seperated the chicken breast packs into freezer bags of 3 breasts each….. i figure between the meat that i just bought, plus the frozen sauce and meatballs that i made last week…..we have meat/fish to last us for 19 dinners. SO awesome.

Things are so much cheaper at the commissary! Hopefully we can make this a twice monthly trip. Even though i can ONLY pay cash, since i am not military and not supposed to be there ( opps)…so i have to stick to my budget which is soooo hard. Last night i was $37 short. luckily, Denise covered me. So thankful for that!

we have lots to do this weekend and I am getting ready to head out to a Fit Club in a few minutes and get in a great, very hard, workout…then come back home and hang out till a kids bday party tonight, followed by another one tomorrow.

and one of those whole chickens i just bought….yep that will be dinner tomorrow.

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HELLO 2011~!

First- Let me start this blog off by saying that I had to txt and facebook my very computer savvy friend and ask him if he could hack into this blog and get my password for me. LOL. I could not for the life of me remember what it was, and the email attached to it is a completely bogus one that I NEVER log into, and the reason is so that all of my ridiculous amounts of facebook comments wont be sent to my regular email address everyday.

He said no. HA! After about 20 different tries, I was able to get the right one!

Like normal- I dont have a set topic today. So here is a random list in no particular order

1. We launched FOUR new bootcamps between 5am yesterday and 5am today. We have about 70-75 clients right now.

2. I saw the movie COUNTRY STRONG on Sunday and it was amazing. It was one of those movies where I clap several times during the film. I actually came home, went right to itunes and bought BOTH of the soundtracks to the movie. I am listening to them right now. Obsessed.

3. I committed to a 6 week Stroller Strides Get Fit Challenge, that actually runs during the exact same 6 weeks as my bootcamp. I am excited. Yesterday was the fit test, its way different than the BCC fit test. I loved it, my body is killing me.

4. Jason and I have been fighting with out insurance company since June, and today is no different. They need to make sure we didnt have “pre exsiting conditions”, which we didnt. But somehow , documents are not being sent, even though the old insurance company insists that they are. New insurance company continues to say they have recieved nothing. We continue to get crazy bills and phone calls from the hospital claims department. What the heck!

5. The FUNK I was in from the end of October through the beginning of December ( lasted about 6-7weeks) is done and over. I feel sooooo much better to be past that. I have never felt like that or gone through anything like that in my life. I am glad to be passed it. It made me want to freak out.

6. I applied for 2 jobs last week. I dont want them anymore. lol. One is fulltime as a Volunteers Director for the Aquarium. The other is Part time at the Library. Each day I am home, or take Livi to or from school, or go to the library or park in the middle of the day, I think – I dont want to miss this. I dont REALLY want to work. I want to stay home with them. If I get a “realjob” I wont be able to go to stroller strides, or yoga in the middle of the day. I wont be able to take naps. lol. Or watch Giada at 12:30. I wont be able to go away or have people come and visist and be here. I wont be able to go to the water park with my kids 3 days a week like I did last summer. Or hang out on the beach for 3 hours after my Friday Stroller Strides class there

7. we need more money. our only income is BCC, and we have to pay alot in space rental since we are inside.

8. So what I have decided to do, once again, is focus more on building my beach body business. This is exciting too. I beleive in their products. And the health and fitness business seems to be recession proof. No matter what, people want to get fit and become or stay healthy. Its cheaper to buy a fabulous home workout dvd then join a gym for a year. SHAKEOLOGY is the healthiest thing you can put in your body.

9. I need to go eat bc its 9:16 and I want to be at yoga by 10:15…… looks like I will be drinking a shake myself!

10. I have not had a book to read since I left beth and joes house….. I read Tammy Trents book – Learning to Breathe- and it was fabulous. So i need to stop at the Library and pick a few up on my way home.

thats all for now folks….

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Nuts. thats all i can eat! thats basically all i have eaten since Wednesday! i have had a few 1/2 servings of quinoa and veggies, some roast chicken and baked ziti- but thats it- just 1/2 servings! i cant eat! i think its because of my hyrodcodone ( or is it hydrocodeine? ) I take 1 pill every 4 hours and about 30-45 minutes after I take one, i start to feel a little nauseous. I havent been drinking a ton, but i make myself at least drink some.

I have lost 11 pounds! So that of course makes me happy even though 5.5 of it was all boobs and the rest is basically from starvation ( i am not starving  myself, i just cant eat). So I am sure when I can eat, that I will put some right back on.

I have to get out of the house today. I have to. I have not left it since I came home on Thursday and I am about to go crazy. Ive taken 2 showers, and that was interesting as well. I am not supposed to reach my arms up overhead, but how else am i supposed to wash my hair?

I havent put regular clothes on or makeup since I came home. I will do that today and take pictures and post them on here. I dont have any bras though. Just a few sports bras that close in the front. lol. I cant wait to get a bra!

I am gonna go to Target today and I am super excited about that. Jason will have to come since I dont think I can drive on my meds, or with my sore boobies.

I love my boobies! i cant believe how small they are! I love them!

Alivia and bryson are sitting on the stools coloring and we are listening to Away in a Manger on repeat. LOL. i keep telling livi i dont feel good and she keeps telling me to go laydown on the couch. LOL.


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Surgery= Success!


I tried to write on thursday but I could not log into my blog! And it was a huge mess since I have a bogus email attached to this and my facebook…i could not remember my password for the bogus email! Finally today, I figured it out.

Its been a really rough week and I was not sure that the surgery was going to happen, again! But thankfully, it did. Here is a rundown of the events this week….

Monday- Jason came home from Bootcamp sick and puking. OH NO! I already had both kids in bed, and made him sleep in the spare room. he was sick all through the night and I subbed his class Tuesday am.

Tuesday- brought livi to school, cancelled my bcc class, since Jason could not watch Bryson, and took B shopping instead. Came home, made soup. Lysoled and cloroxed everything I could. Come dinner time, Bryson and Alivia are both puking. OH NO!!!!! We decided that I needed to go to  my room and stay away from the kids. That was hard! I wanted to hold and comfort them when they were sick, crying and puking, not lock them out of my room!

I was a nervous wreck that I would be sick and puking before morning and have to cancel surgery. If we had to cancel again- we would have to REALLY cancel….not reschedule. We kept the insurance trhough Jasons job, JUST so we could get the surgery done. We pay $1000 a month for it. We have had to pay that for 3 months. The new month starts on the 15th… and Jason said there is no way we could pay for another month, and would just hav eto cancel and wold have wasted $3000. I decided, that if that was the case, I would ask my dad to borrow $1000, instead of waste the $3000 already spent.

Luckily, I woke up fine. Got ready and we headed to the hospital.

My sis in law Kari- was supposed to watch the kids during the day, then my pregnant friend Linda was supposed to watch them in afternoon, and then my fabulous babysitter would watch them from dinner till Jason got home. But Kari couldnt watch the kids bc she couldnt let her kids get sick, and Linda didnt want to watch 2 kids with a stomach bug while preggers either……soooooooooo , the babysitter came over and Jason took me to Hospital. He stayed until I went into surgery, then came home.

My good friend Mia came to see me as soon as I was out of the recovery room- even though i was sooooooo out of it. Then Linda came a few hours later. I kept saying that my boobs were burning and that THIS MUST BE WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO BE BIT BY A VAMPIRE. LOL.

i was also soooo itchy. And although my boobs were still wrapped up, I could tell that they were TEENY TINY!

The next day when they unwrapped them, i almost fell over. they were so small! They stood straight up! I loved them! the were smaller than what I had planned on, but thats good! Some people I know said they were dissapointed with their surgery bc the Dr did not make them small enough. I did not want that to happen.

So, I came home at 1:30 on Thursday. I slept from 2-6. My friends Chris and Amy got here to drop off dinner at that same time…and Jason headed out to teach. I felt dizzy, and kinda high and not good from my meds…. and Chris and AMy decided to stay for a while ( thank God) and about 5 minutes after- Bryson threw up all over me. Amy cleaned and bathed him, and Chris cleaned up the chair and floor! WOW!  They stayed for 2 hours taking care of the kids while I layed on the couch in pain and helpless. lol. Soooo Thankful for them staying!

Both kids have been getting up alot at night crying with tummy aches, or unable to breathe, and i cant lift them, so Jason has been getting up with them, and teaching all the am bootcamps! Poor Jason. This is a rough week for all of us, but especially for him.


My boobs are teeny! The boobs themselves were 5.5. pounds removed! I have lost another 2 since coming home. That puts me at 12 pounds left of Brysons baby weight to lose! YAY! I am hoping to lose another 4 before I head home.

I am starting to feel a little dizzy right now… I need to g lay down. But I will put up pictures later!

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what to say?

i really have no idea what to write today, but i feel like writing. I have been having some crazy dreams lately. Things that i cant put in here ( at least not 100% honestly in here), i wish i could, but i cant. So then i wish i could start a new diary, but i dont want to do that either. I was reading through one this morning, it was when i just turned 16. I was crazy, I think there may be another password protected blog post coming up soon. 🙂

Here are some randoms….

last night Jason and I started to watch House Bunny, on tv before we put our movie in. THIS GIRL was in it. She is so hilarious and all of her movies are stupid, but me and Jason love her. LOL.

Then we watched

and it was so funny! I laughed out loud so many times. many many times actually. so if you have not seen it, then you should! Ge rent it now!

Today is Sunday- my surgery is on Wednesday. I am not sick. My cough is gone. I cant wait

I got my hair, trimmed and layered some more on Thursday, and colored….darn brown. I love it. Its getting so long and Jason told me I can never cut it short ( like when i was preggers with bryson and chopped it all off) ever again. and i wont. i hated that hair cut. sorry beth. lol.

I think after the Holidays are all over and we start our January BCC sessions, I am going to try to get a part time day job. I need to get out of the house more. I need to have some place to go where I can not wear yoga pants and a hoodie with sneakers. I want to wear regular clothes, and have to do my hair and put makeup on. I want to talk to other adults, and not be telling them to workout. lol.

I just want a little job. A clothing store I like ( probably a bad idea), or a book store. I love books and I have actually wanted to work in one for the past several years. I can use the extra money I make, to put towards the trips I always want to take. 🙂

So we will see what happens with that. I am sure most places will want someone to work in the evening and I teach 3 nights a week in the evening, so i wont be able to do that. Daytime only for me.

I will be getting my ” pack and bag and runaway” time in February 18th for about 5 days when I head to Pheonix Arizona to go see Ashley and Amanda.  I am really looking forward to that. I wish it was sooner.

I need to go get myself and everyone else fed, dressed and moving so we can get to the late service of church today since the kids slept till start time of the early service.

have a great day!

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this is a new favorite of mine……

love it!!!! I am sitting her with it playing right now, the kids are eating and running around me, i am singing and dancing away in my chair as i type. LOL. oh NANA whats my name?

its friday. today we are doing a booth at a fitness expo for a race here. the expo is 3-8pm. I think we can set up at like 12. I am excited.

We are also down to just 5 days until my surgery. I can not wait. obviously, you should all know that.

Alivia is currently in time out right next to me against the wall. Heres why-

her and bryson are obsessed with our P90X chocolate protein bars. i made her 2 hard boiled eggs for breakfast like she wanted. I told her after she eats them, she can have a few bites of the bar. She came around the corner with an empty plate and told me that she ate all of her eggss, I said good girl, now you can have some chocolate bar. 2 seconds later bryson comes walking around the corner eating a hard boiled egg!

Excuse me! ” alivia get over here”

livi- What

me- did you eat your eggs

livi- yes

me- your lying to me

livi ( sad , knows she been caught face)- i didnt want it

me- bryson is eating the egg you said you ate, you lied to me

livi- i just wanted my chocolate

the conversation continued from that point. and she went to time out and now she will not be eating her few bites of the bar bc she is screaming her head off.


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7 days…again.

Today is Wednesday. One week until my surgery…..again. I still have a cough. Not the same as last week, but its still there. I have one more week to make sure it is GONE. I can not put into words how sad i will be if my surgery has to be canceled and then postponed AGAIN.

I might actually lay on the floor and kick and scream like Bryson does was his milk is done and he wants more. LOL. Or like Alivia does when I tell her I want her to help pick up her toys and she says ” my tummy ache hurts to do that” LOL

ohhhhhhhhhhh children.

Bryson will be 18 months old the same day as my surgery as well. I cant believe how fast time has gone. I cant believe that in one month it will be 12 months since we moved here. crazy.

anyway, a little update on my Bryson boy….. my little B man. My little JJ. LOL

He is hilarious

He is demanding

He just walks around teh house all day long going from one room to one toy to the next.

He loves to put things inside other things. sounds funny, i know. for example, i went to use the clorox wipes the other day and i found my missing favorite lipgloss shoved inside the container. lol. He always plays with the empty milk gallons, and puts whatever he can find that will fit through the small whole- nail buffers, butter knifes, my lipgloss. lol.

He is starting to talk more. He says Mama, Dada, Nana ( while my mom was here) Wawa ( everytime we went he would say it), Dog, WoofWoof, and what sounds like “wassssssssssdat” lol.

He has all of his teeth and when he smiles big he shows them all and its adorable.

He is down to one nap a day and has been for a few months- sadly.

He goes down between 11 and 12 and sleep 2-3.5 hours. If Jason turns the small heater on in his room he will sleep longer. I dont like him to turn it on.

I just love that kid. I love his curly CRAZY  hair. I love his dimples. I love how he has the “Fischer toes” and stands like on his toenails. LOL. i love how he hugs me. I love how he loves his green and polka dot blankie. I love him so much.

18 months. wow.

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